Untitled: MMXVII

I’ve been wasting time my darling

Chasing you to hold

Drowning myself to your heartbeat

I was never afraid of falling

Until sheets aren’t ours to fold

And alone has never been so lonely in a crowded street


Dear, John vol. 3: 7.30pm, 11.30pm, and everything in between

Gazed through the sky

Lost myself in safe haven

Jumping between clouds,

Fireflies so high

Scream my lungs out to heaven

Where made of our happy thoughts.

Helmets covering our faces

This night we forget about pain

Universe be rooting the hopeless romantic,

Trying so hard to keep the paces

As we laugh off the rain

Life isn’t as dramatic.

We stroked the road with memory

Caught by the nightfall

Seen by the moon,

It felt almost magical like sorcery

It was another trust fall

And near the end of June.


Not everytime, but sometimes. Sometimes he is there, sometimes he is not there. Sometimes he is ice cold, sometimes he smiles and somehow it’s warm. We talk, sometimes, but I flutter, everytime. Sometimes I’m afraid to take chances, but he is reason enough. Sometimes it’s not about how many efforts he’s done, sometimes it’s just because of him. Sometimes in 2 PM all I want to see is him, sometimes the 2 AM is all about him. Sometimes I hope for something more, sometimes I’m thankful for the times we shared. Those sometimes make everything worth my while, and as wonderful as his presence

Heartfelt thoughts of Ahok

These are the words of one’s piece of mind. That it may not fully describe how sorry I am for not being able to maybe just stand there with him protecting our nation from what eats our money, destroys our mind, and corrupts our soul. We were, or perhaps still are, united by many races, religions, and ethnics.

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